Streamlining employee drug testing for your company.

Employees are the embodiment of a business and we understand that it is important for employers to be aware of risks and losses that can be involved in the workplace when drugs are used. Let us make this task as simple and smooth as possible for you!

Options That Suit Your Business

Our services include paperless drug testing across all major areas including pre-employment, for-cause, post-accident, DOT/FMCSA testing options. Whether your business is only interested in screening candidates or is interested in comprehensive drug testing for all employees, we can customize a plan that fits your needs.

Where You Need Us

Send employees or candidates for drug testing at the click of a button! With our more than 2,000 testing centers located across the nation, is able to provide convenient drug testing near your employees and candidates.

Accuracy Matters

We also provide medical review officers (MROs) to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the drug testing process. MROs determine if there is a legitimate medical explanation for laboratory confirmed positive results and adulterated, substituted and/or invalid drug test results. Our MROs review all DOT drug test results because we know that reliability and certainty are not only essential, but crucial.

Real-Time Reporting & Results

With our innovative reporting structure, puts information into your dashboard as it happens. You'll get step-by-step updates—Whether to let you know that a candidate has been notified to get pre-employment testing or an employee's drug test results are in, or anything in-between.

Detailed Profiles

Your dashboard makes tracking and keeping up with employees and candidates a breeze. Create and store notes, view their full drug testing histories, and even archive or unarchive employees.

Results in No Time

Result times are dependent upon which substances are being tested for, however, all test results will be available within 24-72 hours. To ensure accuracy, all abnormal test results receive confirmation testing. We provide this at no additional charge! All confirmatory testing requires an additional 24-72 hours.
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